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We are in the planning stage for BEAR 4. Currently waiting for University of Alaska students to complete construction of the Cube-Sat satellite as well as finalizing construction and radio modification of the ground station. See Bear 4 Design Page for our testing information and results.


Flight Status

In Planning

posted: 08/18 @ 17:33 UTC

Balloon Callsign
KL7KC-4 & WL7NZ-4 & KL2??-4
Balloon Type
Kaymont 1200g
Payload weight
4.50 LBS
approx. 200 cu ft
Maximum Altitude
90,000+ ft (or higher)
Parachute Type
"Flexi-Chute" ® Circular Model (blue/yellow/red) by Linda Mullen (AD4BL)
Proximity Recovery Beacon (70cm)
Capsule 1 - Frequency
APRS 144.39 (KL7KC-4)
Capsule 1 - Radio
Capsule 1 - Beacon Interval
Every 30 seconds with message: (BEAR 4 Mission) every 5th transmit (micE format)
Capsule 1 - GPS
Garmin Legend
Capsule 2 (redundant beacon system) - Frequency
144.70 (WL7NZ-4)
Capsule 2 - Radio
Capsule 2 - Beacon Interval
Every 15 seconds with message: (BEAR 4 Mission) every 5th transmit (micE format)
Capsule 2 - GPS
Integrated Trimble Lassen IQ GPS chipset
Capsule 3 (Cube-Sat Payload)
University of Alaska Space Grant students will fly a Cube-Sat satellite on BEAR 4
Capsule 4 (Camera Platform System)
Approximately 3 cameras are planned: (2) Digital cameras shooting still pictures horizontally and the third one shooting movie mode recording approximately 2 hours of hi-res movies.
Personnel Involved
Design, Construction and Support: Dr. Denise Thorson , Dr. Neal Brown (WL7NZ), Jerry Curry (KL7EDK), Linda Mullen (AD4BL), Rebecca Lees, Dan Wietchy (KL1JP), Alex Arneson (KL2TI), SamualVanderwaal (KL2TU), Andrew Paxson (KL2UL) and other EE/ME students.
Testing, Support and APRS telemetry logging: Linda Mullen (AD4BL), Jerry (KL7EDK), Bill Brookins (KC8MVW)
Ground Chase & Recovery Crew: many...... I hope
You may direct any questions to Dan: powellite [at] hotmail dot com