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The 1st BEAR flight was a Resounding Success. Liftoff occurred at 10:09am. The balloon package reached max altitude of 95,327 feet (confirmed by gps) with balloon burst occuring between 1:17:52 and 1:17:55pm. Data indicates the ascent time was 3hr 8min while descent time was 37min with a total flight time of 3hr 45min.

Denali - Tallest point in North America as seen from the BEAR 1 flight camera.

Denali in background and city of Fairbanks in foreground as seen from the BEAR 1 flight camera.

Flight Status


Saturday PM (5/10)

Balloon Callsign
WL7NZ-11 & KL1JP-11
Balloon Type
Kaymont 1200g
Payload weight
4.25 LBS
approx. 200 cu ft
Maximum Altitude
95,327 ft
Capsule 1 - Frequency
APRS 144.39 (WL7NZ-11)
Capsule 1 - Radio
Kenwood TH-D7A
Capsule 1 - Beacon Interval
Every 40 seconds with message: (BEAR Balloon Cap1) every 5th transmit
Capsule 1 - GPS
Garmin Legend
Capsule 2 - Frequency
144.70 (KL1JP-11)
Capsule 2 - Radio
Byonics MicroTrak 8000FA
Capsule 2 - Beacon Interval
Every 15 seconds with message: (BEAR Balloon Cap2) every 5th transmit
Capsule 2 - GPS
Garmin Legend
Capsule 3 (Still Camera)
Pentax Optio 43WR set to take a horizontal picture every 3minutes
Capsule 3
HOBO Data logger capturing internal and external temperature
Personnel Involved
Design, Construction and Support: Dr. Neal Brown (WL7NZ), Denise Thorsen (UAF), Rebecca Lees, Dan Wietchy (KL1JP)
Testing, Support and APRS telemetry logging: Linda (AD4BL), Jerry (KL7EDK), Bill Brookins (KC8MVW) and Carl Horn (WL7BDO)
Airplane Chase & Recovery Crew: Myles (KL1NU), Kevin (NL7WO), Tim Miner
Ground Chase & Recovery Crew: Jerry Curry (KL7EDK), Chuck Johnson (KL7AY), Roger Burns (AL7BH), Dan Parrish and Dan Wietchy (KL1JP)
You may direct any questions to Dan: powellite [at] hotmail dot com